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Our innovative algorithms apply data and analytics to drive every investment decision we make for your investments. Our automated investing approach takes the complexity out of investing.
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IQvestment offers Adaptive Dynamic Portfolios, innovative technology, portfolio rebalancing, and low flat fee pricing. Feel confident knowing your money is always working for you 24/7.

Our Mission:

To help you invest your money to achieve your goals.


  • Fiduciary Commitment
  • The Power of Advanced Analytics, Data and Technology
  • Low Fees

Scientific Based Investing

IQvestment investment products are derived from a sophisticated financial model. Our model is grounded in the belief that simpler is better, but more relevant information is preferred to less.

The value-add comes from using time-tested investment factors and utilizes a dynamic weighting approach which enhances the model's effectiveness by adjusting it for changing market conditions.

Ongoing proprietary risk analytics and metrics are then applied to create professionally curated portfolios called Adaptive Dynamic Portfolios (ADPs).

You can feel at ease that the recommended IQvestment portfolio matched to your investment goals and risk tolerance is working for you at all times.


Low Flat Fee Pricing
Means Better Returns

We keep our fees low by using innovative, data-driven investment models and technology. Our monthly fee is transparent and fixed.

Unlike our competitors, you don't pay more as your investments grow. This means that over time more of your investment dollars are working for you.

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IQvestment makes sophisticated investing easy. We do it for you. Professionally curated portfolios made simple and affordable with cutting edge technology.

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